PUMA Meeting Welcome to PUMA, a an organization centered in the Magnolia area in the mountains west of Boulder, but dedicated to health and well being of the entire front-range mountain community.

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Magnolia Environmental Preservation Plan (MEPP)


PUMA'S MISSION Of primary concern to members of PUMA is the preservation of a reasonable balance of human use with native species and the ecosystems we share. Find out more about the goals and aspirations of our organization in this section.
WORKING GROUPS PUMA accomplishes it's goals mainly through several working groups: Land Use, Fire Mitigation, Transportation, Wild Life & Ecosystem Protection, Communications and Community Outreach. This section details the goals and methods of each group.
MOUNTAIN LIVING No matter how much we know about the ecosystem we inhabit, there is always more to learn. By sharing our knowledge we can all learn more about how to enjoy living in these mountains while respecting and protecting the area and it's all its occupants.
PUMA NEWSLETTER The PUMA Newsletter helps us inform and educate our community, not only about our organization, but also about what living in the mountains can offer, and about issues we should be concerned about if we are to sustain and improve the environment we call home.
MAGNOLIA CHRONICLES The history of this area is filled with many fascinating stories of people and their lives. We appreciate those who care to share their experiences with others. We are all enriched by this sharing.
ISSUES OF CONCERN Almost all of us who have chosen these mountains have done so in appreciation of our wilderness environment. This environment needs our protection, and by being aware of issues effecting the well-being of this area we can take pro-active action to safeguard it.
OUR COMMUNITY PUMA is active in it's support of mountain community values. Keeping in touch with others, helping those in need and publicizing local events all help to bring our community closer together.


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